1 year down

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of starting my current position as Young Alumni coordinator with the Michigan State Alumni Association.  Everybody always says that once you start working that the years begin to fly by and I couldn’t agree more with that.  I feel like I was just walking into the office for the first time and trying to figure out what I was suppose to do and how to get it done. 

For those that don’t know me I’ll give you a brief back story of my work experiences:  I was an athlete at Michigan State so I never held a real job during the 4 years I was on campus.  I did small summer jobs but those amounted to me making a little bit of spending money and having no real experience other then being able to scan the internet for funny videos.  After college I took the oppportunity to go over to Europe and play basketball professionally for a couple years.  So when I applied for this job I really had no real experience in any fields other than athletics.  Lucky for me they didn’t need someone who had real work experience. 

So with the close of my first year on the job I have really started to realize what my role is and what I need to do and it comes down to one small phrase “how can I help you.”  What can I do to make your life easier or enhance your current situation.  As a servant of the university I am here continue the mission of Michigan State University and the alumni association.  I am surrounded on a daily basis by an office full of people who are waiting to do the same, so take advantage.  Let us help you!!!

connect with me on twitter.com/@timbograkos           twitter.com/@MichiganStateAA


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