What do we have that you want?

Whenever I talk to people about the alumni association and ask them if they are thinking about become a member they always seems to have one question.

What’s in it for me, what do I get?

That is a great question and I always say tell people we have great benefits to becoming a part of our Spartan Nation.  Here are a few of the major reasons that signing up for our team opens up tremendous opportunities and gains you a servant for life.

1.  MSUAA Career Services – If you want to give yourself the best opportunity to make connection with Spartans who are looking to help other Spartans and learn from the best career service department in the county, being a member of the MSUAA gives you that chance.  Follow our career service guys on twitter.com/MSUAAJohn and twitter.com/Daveisbell.

2.  Spartan Network – We have over 110 regional clubs around the United States.  So where ever you decide you want to move we are already there and ready to help.

3. Help yourself – Membership in the MSUAA is a great way to improve Michigan State’s quality ranking. That’s because alumni membership counts toward engagement, which is one of several criteria that’s used to rank a university’s quality in the United States, according to the U.S. News and World Report. The higher Michigan State’s ranking, the greater the value of the degrees that have been granted by MSU.

As always if I can help any of you out please don’t hesitate to ask.  Follow me at twitter.com/timbograkos or twitter.com/MichiganStateAA

And a quick congrats goes out to my Co-Ed intramural basketball team for a great victory last night.


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