Day dreaming Big!!!

Think Big! Assume money and resources are not an issue.

That’s the assignment that I am been given and what I’ve thought about for the last couple of days.  At some point in your life you have sat back by yourself or with your friends and talk about what it would be like to win the lottery and have all the money you needed.  Day dreaming about what it would be like to have a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett bank account.  Normally everything revolves around what you can get for yourself or how you can improve your own personal life.  Those were the thoughts that started to fill my head when I got an email saying we were to start thinking about what we would like to do and what projects we are interested in starting regardless of cost. 

That seems like an easy assignment, but if you really think about it we have to decide what we need to make others lives better.  What projects can you come up with that are sustainable and will offer a long term positive effect on our alumni members.  So this is the task I have been assigned and one that our office is excited to tackle, if anyone is interested in connecting with us and making a difference for someone connect with me or

If you are looking to help on a larger scale check out one of alumni Nate Erickson who is in New York working with Wyclef on philanthropic efforts in Haiti.  Connect with Nate @

Also, check out Henry Balanon MSU alumni and founder of and company that develops iPhone apps.  He is introducing the FutureMidwest conference.  FutureMidwest is the region’s largest two-day technology and knowledge conference taking place in Royal Oak, Mich. April 16 – 17, 2010. Founded by Adrian Pittman, Jordan Wolfe and Zach Lipson , FutureMidwest is the fusion of two successful conferences held in Michigan in 2009 – the Module Midwest Digital Conference and TechNow.  Connect with Henry @


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