Ever seen a grown man cry at work? I have….

Imagine that you’re in the conference room at your office in a staff meeting.  Your boss who is a legend in this business and someone you have the highest respect for is talking about an upcoming project you are bidding on and the game plan you are going to use in order to win this bid.  By winning this bid you will gain national recognition and acclaim as well as the number 1 ranking in the country.

Now imagine you don’t agree with your boss, do you think you could raise your hand in front of the room and voice your opinion?


Communication is one of the most important characteristics for a team to have.  That doesn’t just touch on the world of

Tom Izzo providing feedback

 intercollegiate sports but also across the world of business.  Coach Izzo has a different way of communicating than most people you will work with.  His style has taken the biggest, toughest guys and reduced them to tears, myself included.   He is a very upfront and honest person and you know when he disagrees with you.  Even if he doesn’t tell you right away he normally gives you a look like he wants to rip your face off (If coach Izzo is giving you that look it’s better to avoid eye contact).  Even though he is loud and brash with some of the things he says you always know that he has your best interest at heart.  Communication is one of the reason MSU basketball has had success over this past decade.  You have a coach who is intense and will always let you know how he feels but he would also listen to anything suggestion or comments you might have (He might call you an idiot after you’re done but he would listen).  I can’t tell you some of the arguments that I’ve been involved in with coaches and teammates and some of them have come to blows.  But I also learned a lot about giving and receiving feedback and the importance of listen to the message being delivered and not how it is being delivered.                                                                                

So regardless of the business you are in don’t be afraid to offer constructive feedback to your boss and co-workers.  Sometimes they won’t like what you have to say but in the long run they will appreciate it. 

Also, none of us were crying like a little kid who just got in trouble for stealing a cookie before dinner.  We all care so much for Coach Izzo and MSU that we didn’t want to disappoint him or the players who came before us.  But everyone has cried in his office and he has cried right along with us.                                                                                                                                 

Today’s blog was brought to you by the number 1 because last night would rank as number 1 on the list of all time worst dunk contest.  I’ve look forward to the dunk contest every year since I was a little kid.  Saturday night of all star weekend is the best part of the all star festivities and the NBA flopped with this one.  What happened to the years when players like Jordan, Dr. J, Larry Nance, Wilkins, J Rich and Vince Carter would take the court and compete for the crown?    


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