Hello March, Oh how I’ve missed you!!

I’ve been thinking about March since October, seriously about the time that the first snow fell on campus I started to think about the wonders of March and the excitement it always brings.  I’m sure most of you have also been looking forward to March and the start of the spring time; the birds start chirping again and the sun begins to peek out from the clouds on a regular basis.  The snow starts to melt away and we get closer to hanging our winter coats in the closet.  The energy on campus starts to pick up as students are out; you get to hear the sounds of baseball and softball bats pinging in the distance.  Ultimate Frisbees start appearing all over the place and East Lansing starts to show why it is a magical place to work and live.

But that’s not why I love March, I love March for the madness it brings.  For the sound of basketball shoes as they squeak on a hardwood floor and the sound of whistles blowing around the country.  I love the sound a basketball bouncing on a court, the exhausted breathe of a man or women who has just pushed themselves past a breaking point.  I love the sound of a coach who doesn’t has a voice but continues to scream because it’s all he knows how to do.  I love Gus Johnson for the excitement he brings to this month, I love the fact the people begin to care if Quinnipiac wins their conference and watching hours of bracket coverage.  I love the smell of walking into a gym and knowing that hard work has been put in there.  I love NCAA tournament sites where dreams are broken and fantasies are fulfilled.

You see I love March and all the memories it has given me over the years, I love talking to my teammates about it and reliving those memories with random fans I’ve met.  I love the feeling of running out that tunnel and having the energy of 15,000 Spartans engulf you, I love the feeling of climbing a ladder and cutting a little piece of net that means every hour of blood, sweat and tears was worth it.  You see I love March and the madness it brings to us all.


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