The true strength of a Spartan is the warrior next to him

I sat there in a conference room of a hotel in Worcester, MA staring at a room full of my teammates and all of us were evaluating the season and preparing for the start of the NCAA tournament.  We were coming off a good regular season but suffered a tough loss to Iowa in the first round of the Big ten tourney.  Their weren’t very many people who were predicting us to make any sort of run in the big dance; we were a team of “soft” players who lacked senior leadership according to every newspaper and tv reporter who covered our team.

This is the exact moment we decided that we were going to the Final Four and all that mattered was the 15 guys sitting in that room.  We just started talking; throwing out any feeling we had about each other, the media, the other teams, the amount of work that had gone into our preparation.  We began to realize that we were all we had and it fell on our shoulders to stand next to one each other and fight for the goal we all had. 

The same feeling is important when you sit down at your job and look at your co-workers.  You have to know and be comfortable walking into the fire with them.  Once you realize that the people you work with are on the same page and have your best interest at heart real progress can be made.


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