Day 2 of SXSW started off immediately better than day 1, actually being able to get a good night sleep does wonders for you.  So I got up and caught the shuttle into the convention center to catch a couple panels this morning.  The first panel I sat in on was call why keep blogging and it featured 5 speakers who touched on problems with blogging, how to reinvent your blog and making sure to blog about things you are passionate about. Interesting topic for a new blogger like myself and I really took some good stuff away from the session.

Spartan Alum Erik Qualman and I

Spartan Alum Erik Qualman and I

Next I went and saw Erik Qualman do a presentation about Socialnomics, how social media is being used in the business world right now.  This was a great presentation but what made it even better is the fact that Eric is a former basketball player at MSU.  I got a chance to reconnect with Erik after his talk and talk a little MSU bball with him.  If you get a chance check out Erik’s socialnomics video, it will change they way you look at the use of social media.

I spent the middle part of the day in the bloggers lounge with a couple of the Detroit Chevy SXSW team and had a chance to me some people from  This is a online bookkeeping company who provides free online accounting for small businesses.  Found out that they have people from Michigan in the company and and great blogger named Jenn Escalona.  If you have the chance check out the website and see if they can help you.

After the blogging session I headed over to the Small Business event at Pure Volume to meet some small business owners and figure out if their companies could help the alumni association.  Got a chance to meet some good people and hear about some cool small businesses such as mail chimp and ship wire.

Me new friends at at the Small Business event

After the small business event I made my way over to Six Lounge to listen to Tony Hsieh CEO of do a Q and A.  Zappos is a huge company and it was cool to hear a major CEO talk about business and how making sure your employees are happy makes a world of difference.  While I was at Six I got a chance to meet the crew from  This is a website that deals with everything cutting edge and innovative.  Awesome group of young people who work for the company.

The night ended back at pure volume for an event put on by and than it was back to the hotel to end a fun filled busy day here at SXSW.

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6 responses to “SXSW – DAY 2

  • ladygaga2010

    What did the experts say about blogging in terms of its flaws and how to reinvent your blog?Thanks.

    • timbograkos

      Thanks for the comment – They said that once it gets to a point where you aren’t enjoying your writing or it gets stall you have to find something else that you have a passion for and write about that. It can also be as simple as changing the theme or background of your blog. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • Jennifer Escalona

    Hi Tim,

    It was so great to meet you in the Blogger’s Lounge and at the Small Business Web party! I’m so glad we kept running into each other all over the place. Doesn’t that seem to be the way it goes at SXSW? There are at least 11,000 people there and you keep running into the same awesome 20 people? 🙂

    Also, thanks for mentioning on your blog. We’ve definitely love to have any of your self-employed or small business-owning readers come over and give our free service a try.

    When’s your next convention? I hope you make Blog World in Vegas in October. We’ll be there!

    • timbograkos

      I’m not sure when my next convention is I have started to look at Blog World because I have some friends that are going to be there. I’ll make sure to let you know when I figure out what’s next for me. Good luck with all your blogging and (I have my t shirt on today).



  • Erik Qualman


    Great to reconnect with one of my favorite Spartan players of all time (Izzo’s too). Thanks for the kind words. You are the hardest working blogger around, I can’t believe the amount of posts you are producing.

    Keep up the great work. Big win against New Mexico State tonight.



    • timbograkos

      Thanks for checking out my blog, just trying something new. Huge win against New Mexico State last night, they scared me for most of the second half. It was good seeing you and i’ll make sure to catch up with you when you come to EL.


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