SXSW – Day 3

It was another beautiful sunny day in Austin!  The first thing I noticed this morning as I made my way into the Austin convention center was that the crowd was a lot thinner than it has been during the first two days.  The thing the I’ve realized is that just as much work gets done

Beautiful Austin

Enjoying the Beautiful Austin Weather

during the night time hours as during the 9-5 panels and keynote speakers.  Today’s post is going to be a little shorter because their wasn’t a ton of sessions today that I interested me.  The one panel I wanted to go see featured Randi Zuckerberg from facebook and Pete Cashmore for mashable, unfortunately I was late getting there and the room was completely full so I didn’t have the opportunity to hear what they had to say about crowd sourcing.  I did sit in on panel called “Monkeys with Internet Access” now going into this session I thought it was going to be a interesting but I was way wrong.  The speaker had some good points but it was pretty much a waste of an hour for me.

After the panel I decide to take a walk through the Trade show floor again and see if I could connect with any new businesses that could be beneficial for our office.  I had a great time learning about no companies who are just starting out and excited about the product that they have.  That is one of the best parts of this whole experience is the excitement people have for the technology world and the new and innovative things they are all working on.  While I was walking around I was stopped by a young man who mentioned he was from Michigan.  His name was Nehemiah “Nemo” Chu @nemochu who was with a company called Bloomfire; this company is a

Walking around the trade room floor

Normal sights and sounds at SXSW

collaborative social learning community.  Great young kid who works for a company that provides businesses a way to teach and learn from their co-workers.  It helps businesses move away from a top down information system and makes each office a learning community.  To learn more about this company you can contact at or or click this link to watch a video about the company Bloomfire tutorial.

After the trade show I went down to the famous 6th street to grab a little lunch from one of the street vendors  and then take a walk around downtown Austin and take in some of the sights and sounds of this great city.    I highly suggest that you come down to Austin and spend some time relaxing and do your part as the tag line says to “keep Austin weird.”

Another big day tomorrow, sessions on video blogging, people who take their time tweeting, student start-ups: entrepreneurship in the University, and a keynote address by Evan Williams, CEO of twitter.  Keep following me for updates at and keep looking out for more blog post.


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