Is your business slapping the floor during winning time?

There comes a point during every basketball game when things change, when the intensity goes to a new level and it’s time to finish a team off or make that last little run towards victory.  That is what I’ve come to know as winning time.  For anybody that has played basketball for Tom Izzo at MIchigan State winning time comes at the under 4 min time out in the second half of a game.  I can’t tell you the number of times that we would

Not a Duke fan but it's the only picture I could find

come to a huddle in a tight game and Coach would yell “alright it’s winning time” and we just knew that we had to go out and make a big stop or grab a key rebound.  Another trait of MSU basketball during winning time is slapping the floor on the defensive end, it’s something that was started well before me but has continued to carry on his gives the opponent the message – We are ready for whatever you got!

Business is no different then a basketball game and winning time transfers into the business world.  You undoubtedly will come to a point on a project or assignment when you have to get it done or the deadline for your team to complete a proposal is counting down.  That is the time when you need to huddle together and let everyone know that you have entered winning time and you need to do whatever has to get done to get the victory.

So it doesn’t matter if you are standing around a table in your conference room or walking down the hallway to grab a cup of coffee; get down and put your hands to the floor and let it be known that you’re ready to get the job down.

As always I love getting comments from people about my blogs or you can follow me on  I wanted to add high five montage done by a couple of people from Detroit at SXSW because it’s awesome.



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