Unlock your inner Magic Johnson

One thing that I have noticed during March Madness  is you see a lot of teams build up big leads and don’t have the ability to finish a team.  The ability to take a 10 – 15 point lead and push it up to a 20 – 25 point lead and put their foot on the throat of an opponent.  Being a finisher is a mind state, it’s something that you have in the back of your mind.  Great athletes love to be in a situation where they can finish an opponent and almost take their heart and any fight the other team has left.  During my time at Michigan State I had the chance to play with some of the greatest finishers of all time.  Mateen Cleaves and Magic Johnson always want to win, it doesn’t matter if they are playing basketball or ping pong they want to win and if you give them the chance they want to crush you.  As soon as they beat you once, they want to beat you again.

One of the greatest of all time


This was constantly being yelled by our strength and conditioning coach Mike Vorkapich.  Regardless if we were running sprints, flipping tires, pushing sleds, or lifting weights he was always driving home the point.  You have to finish the last rep like you finished the first one.  It was always somewhat entertaining when a freshman came to the first couple of workouts of their collegiate career.  For the most part they were all highly decorated players who were recruited by every major university.  During one of our running session one of them would always slow down before reaching the finish line and kind of coast the last couple of steps.  This automatically set off our coaching staff on the importance of finishing through the line and never slowing down until the job is done.  It always took them by surprise but it was their first opportunity to develop that finisher mentality that all players that had come before them have.

Becoming a finisher starts with a mind frame, whenever you are competing on an athletic field or taking on a new task at work make it your goal to crush it.  Few people have that mindset when they are going through their day to day obligations but the ones that do have the ability to become great.  So unleash your inner Magic Johnson and become a great finisher.


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