My Road to the Final Four

Let me start this blog by informing everyone that I am writing this while sitting at a truck stop somewhere in Indiana after the our loss to Butler.  So if this comes across as though I sound upset you will understand where it’s coming from, plus I just cracked a Miller Lite so my writing could get better or worse that is yet to be seen.  This will give you an idea of how my day went:

6:45am and my alarm is making the same annoying sound it makes every morning,  I have an 8am bus to catch so I can make it down to Indy for the game.  Our alumni association invited our entire office to ride together down to the game and do a little inner office bounding.  I was pretty excited this morning, it almost felt like a game day to me, i mean this is the final four and I clearly remember the feeling you get coming out of the tunnel and on to the court.  The way the hair stands up on the back of your neck when you are engulfed by the sounds of college basketballs grandest stage.  I couldn’t wait to experience that as a fan.

8am Bus is loaded and there is a ton of excitement from our group to get on the road., we meet our bus driver Leon who happens to be the Mayor of Mason.  I’m not sure if he is a bus driver who does the Mayor thing on the side or the Mayor who does the bus driving thing on the side either way he is getting his hustle on.  I like him he rocks a pretty sweet mustache and a crazy haircut so I can only imagine what the other politicians thought when he threw his name in the hat to become the leader of Mason.  He’s a solid guy.

11:30am  Hollered at my man Chris Hill over in Belgium, it sucks coming to Indy and not getting a chance to see my boy but he’s doing good and will be home in a couple months

12:30pm Bus hits the brakes outside the Omni hotel in downtown Indy and we finally made it.  First person I see is my dad waiting for me outside and I know it’s time for me to enjoy spending sometime at the tournament with my folks.  Walk into the lobby and I’m immediately overcome by Spartan pride.  People are everywhere,, I run into former players like Steve Smith and Scott Sekal plus fans from all over the place.  I always heard how much fun everyone had when they came to the tournament but I finally got to find out what everyone was talking about it.

4pm  Walk over and talk to Duane Vernon’s radio show about what I thought about the Final Four as well as how I thought the game was going to go that day

4:20pm  Coach Izzo and the Spartans come through the lobby to load the bus and there was an eruption of cheers and well wishers singing the fight song and starting go green go white chants.  Our Spartans fans are the best around and I gained a new appreciation for them.

5pm  I head over to Jillian’s bar to watch the game with 130 alumni.  Now everyone kept asking me why I wasn’t at Lucas Oil watching the game, I planned on going to game Monday so I figured I would be a part of our watch party.  Plus Scott Westerman and I did a upstream broadcast of the watch party and I provided analysis during the timeouts.  It was a lot of fun besides the outcome of the game.

9pm  Fighting the crowd outside Jillian’s to get back to our bus and hit the road.  I have to say that overall Butler fans DID NOT win with class, I’ve never heard more in appropriate comments made by a group.

10pm  Stop at truck stop for a pit stop and decide now is a good time to start writing this blog

10:02pm crack the top on a Miller Lite for a little creative help

11:15pm  Look around and notice I’m the only person still awake on our bus

1:15am  We finally make it back to East Lansing

Overall this was a great trip, I loved the chance to see the Final Four from a fans side of things.  I realized one thing; our fans really have a good time when they come to things like these I understand why my parents would have so much fun when they would go on road trips.  I’m sad about the outcome of the game but happy with the experience and I plan on making a trip to Houston next year to do it all over again.


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