My lack of attention to detail

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” – Robert Brault

Paying attention to details is something you have to do no matter what you are working on. The little things are often what separate you from being considered great, or simply average. Even though I knew that it was important to focus on the little things, I have failed to do that as I have been writing my blog. You see, when I start to work on a blog topic I start to pour all my ideas on to the paper. I stop paying attention to all the spelling and grammatical lessons that I have learned throughout school. I get so excited to share my ideas with people that as soon as I’m done, i simply hit the publish button. Soon after, I always suffer the wrath of my family. Every time I write, they get on me about proof reading and going back over my work for mistakes. As much as I want to blame my third grade teacher for not teaching me the proper use of “their” and “there”, I have to take full responsibility for what I publish. If I am going to put out content, I have to put out GOOD content.

I spent five years listening to Coach Izzo talk about attention to detail and how it can mean the difference between winning and losing. It doesn’t matter if it was the proper technique for getting through a ball screen and how to box out and attack the basketball around the rim (I didn’t spend a lot of time around the rim but I still understood the concept). I had five years of playing in a system that was built on executing an assignment to perfection. Failure to do something perfectly meant you were late to help on the defensive end or your were unable to free a teammate for an open look. Our coaching staff would provide us with the most detailed scouting reports before every game so you knew exactly what each player was going to do on the other team. Until now, I had forgotten those lessons while writing this blog.

I’ve been very fortunate that people have had an interest in some of the experiences I’ve had during my life. I owe it not only to myself to put quality writing together, but to everyone who takes time out of their day to visit my blog site. I appreciate everyone who has read this blog and I will continue to work to improve my writing in an attempt to provide insightful, interesting, and quality blog posts.


6 responses to “My lack of attention to detail

  • Heather Sheets

    I completely agree with your blog and unfortunately as we are in a time where much communication is via text message and Twitter; many people lose their focus on proper writing etiquette when writing an e-mail or blog. It unfortunately sends the wrong message to readers. There was a recent article in the Detroit News about a DPS leader’s poor grammar: I’m sure that you do not want this type of article written in regards to your communication, so be thankful that your family calls you out on your lack of grammar.

    I have this well-known trick that I use and I do believe it’s also about working smartly. Whenever I write a blog, e-mail, or anything that is going to be read by the masses (such as this comment). I type it in MS Word, then copy and paste it over to the correct location. While it does not cut down on all errors and won’t correct the “their/there/they’re” problems; it does make sure all of my sentences starts with a capital and most words are spelled correctly. If the e-mails referred in the article above were written in MS Word, a lot of the errors would have been corrected; so I’m sticking with my technique.

    Just remember it’s better for individuals to think that you are more educated and smarter than you actually are than the other way around!

    • timbograkos


      Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate any tips that people have. I want to constantly improve and make my blog better and better and this is going to be the first step. Thank you

  • Chris Ebbott

    Timmy, I really like the ideas and thoughts that you share through your blog. You can really tell that Coach Izzo’s training is not only for basketball but for life. Success like that is no accident. Keep up the good work.

    p.s. change a portion of the second to last paragraph to read “you were unable to free a teammate for an open look.”

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  • Marcia Merando

    Tim, loved watching you during your playing days at State. You really did leave it all on the court, and it usually involved you in a head dive for a ball! Likewise, I love your appreciation for detail and how it differentiates good from great. Too often detail gets a bum rap, and is considered the “little brother” of vision and strategy. To that I say time out……both are essential ingredients of success. But whether it’s typo’s or that extra review of a calculation or a source, being attuned to details is a great trait, and will always serve you well in life and in your career! I’m a new fan of your blog and plan to keep reading!!

    • timbograkos


      Thank you for reading my blog, your feedback was great and appreciated. I have really enjoyed writing and being able to share my stories and thoughts and I’m glad others are enjoying it. Go Green!

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