Just shut up and do it

OK… It has been three weeks since I last wrote a blog, THREE WEEKS!!!
That is completely ridiculous. There is no way that I should have
neglected something that I enjoy doing, for three weeks! There have
been several times over the last 21 days that I have said to myself,
“You really need to blog…” and I would try to convince myself to sit
down and start putting idea to paper. However, I was also talking
myself out of writing, convincing myself that I didn’t have the time in
my day to come up with an idea and write about it. I could fabricate
and say that I have been really busy or I have had writers block. The
truth is that I simply pushed this to the back burner and lacked

Nike coined the phrase “Just Do It.”. We have all seen it on countless
commercials and t-shirts, illustrated on huge billboards, etc. It is a
simple phrase that can be used in millions of situations. You have to
find time to do what you like in your life. It might be exercising,
reading, singing, painting, it doesn’t matter what it is. We all live
busy lives with hectic schedules and can come up with a hundred reasons
why we can’t do something. Well, I’m done with that. I’m done talking
myself into why I can’t get something done. It’s time to just shut up
and do it.

It doesn’t matter what you have going on in your life, you have to make
time for yourself and what you love. When my current boss took this
job, he had a staff meeting and he told us that we all had to make time
for our family, our health and our personal well-being. In this day and
age where we are constantly connected by iphones, blackberries and
droids, nobody ever stops working. We are always busy answering emails,
texts, tweets and whatever else you have going on everyday that we
forgot to take care of ourselves. I ask that when you have something
you want to do and you don’t think you have the time in your day…
Just shut up and do it!


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