The real superstars of sport and business

I sat down yesterday and took a minute to reflect on the weekend that had just transpired. Not only had I witnessed one of the greatest games in the history of MSU football but I also got the chance to participate in the MSU basketball reunion. It was a great time spending the entire weekend with players from past and present, sharing war stories and just enjoying everything that East Lansing has to offer on a game day. Even though seeing all the players was great I can’t forgot about a group of guys who go unseen but are the glue of the program. The managers.

The managerial program is second to none. These are a group of guys who work an unheard of amount of hours for no pay, spending their time breaking down film, corralling basketballs, wiping up sweat, and grabbing water bottles. They go above and beyond what most people would do and they do it with a smile on their face. This group of guys does everything for the love of the game and the betterment of the program. They are a tight knit family who share a common brotherhood and go on to do extraordinary things in the world of Sports and Business.

Most people in business know how important it is to have great support staff members. They are the real cogs of the office and make sure the wheels keep turning. Like our managers, they don’t always get the credit or admiration that they deserve. But one thing is certain those managers have earned the respect of everyone that has worn that Green and White jersey and will always be held in the highest regard.

I got a chance to share this weekend with a lot of the guys who managed while I was at State and I was ecstatic to see how well they are all doing. Always remember that your support staff goes the extra mile to make sure your life is easier. Take a minute to thank them for all that they do.

Thanks to all the guys who put in the extra hours to make sure our lives ran smoothly. You guys are the real superstars.


6 responses to “The real superstars of sport and business

  • Bugsy


    Great stuff! If you’re up for it I’d love to get lunch or something soon. I might not be able to relate, but would LOVE to hear some of your stories as a player.

    Great shout out to the guys behind the scenes who are always making things happen.

  • Bruce Helmboldt

    First para, last word. Mangers? As in where the cows are fed? Or is that a typo?

  • Chris Cullen

    Timbo Slice,
    This is a great post man. Make sure some of your past managers ( or mangers) know that you wrote about them, Im sure they would be greatly appreciative. Keep up the typing my guy, it’s a great read.

  • Gary Mescher

    Hi Tim

    Good commentary on the people behind the scenes who help the Spartans on the court succeed at a high level.

    I happened to notice the “Wooden on Leadership” page near your desk when we talked a week or so ago. I have one in a similar position near my work desk – have to admit I had not seen it until someone I know forwarded it to earlier this year when Coach Wooden died. You exemplify those traits he talks about when you praise the “players” on the MSU basketball team who are out of sight on game day.

    Gary M.

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