What’s your one more?

What’s your “one more”? What drives you to do one more rep or makes you
stay that extra hour for work? What do you have in you that separates
you from the rest?

I recently came across a business called “The Program” and this is where
I learned about “One More”. This is a company started by Eric
Kapitulik, who was a Force Reconnaissance Platoon Commander in the US
Marine Corps during his active duty. The Program specializes in
leadership and athletic development programs. Check out his website at:

In sports, you always get to that point where you feel as though you
have nothing left in your tank. You are covered with sweat, hands on
your hips while trying to take a deep breath, and every time you breathe
it feels like battery acid is being released in your chest. This is
when you find what your “one more” is, when you learn how to do just one
more than you did the day before. Striving for growth every single day
and never settling for hitting a plateau or leveling out is what
separates “good” from “great”.

Finding your one more takes your mind and body to places you never
thought you could go. Over the last year I’ve had the privilege of
meeting a ton of people who never stop working. This group of
entrepreneurs is an amazing collection of people who never settle for
the status quo and are always questioning and working to make something


One response to “What’s your one more?

  • Troy Hood


    Great post! I followed Eric’s updates on InsideLacrosse.com as he ascended Mt. Everest. He’s a total leader. Thanks for sharing this in your blog. More deserve to know about his accomplishments and what he brings to his clients.

    Troy Hood
    MSU ’90
    St. Louis, MO

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