Being S.M.A.R.T with your goal mapping

With the start of the New Year, everyone has a chance to take a step
back and look at how the previous year went and reassess if they were
able to accomplish everything they wanted to during the last 365 days.
I’m a firm believer in setting goals for yourself, both personal and
professional, and using them as a metrics for figuring out when you’re
rocking and when you need to roll up your sleeves and get things done.

Every year at Michigan State prior to basketball season Coach Izzo calls
the team into his office one by one to discuss their goals for the
upcoming season. Each guy is asked to answer the following questions:

– Being as selfish as possible, tell me what is your ultimate personal

– What are your goals for this year’s team?

Most players answer that they would love to ultimately make it to the
NBA and win the national championship. This not only gives Coach Iz an
idea of what each guy wants, it also builds a way to get each guy to buy
into the things he is teaching them. You see, Coach Iz has already
gotten guys to the NBA and he has already won a national title. So he
would be considered an expert in those two fields and if you listen to
what he is telling you, you should have success. On the flip side,
Coach Iz maps his goals and is always seeking advice from people around
the country to help him.

So regardless if you are the expert or looking for advice, map out your
goals. Use the start of the New Year as a clean slate and start pushing
toward what you want to accomplish. Remember when you sit down to work
on your goals, make sure they are S.M.A.R.T…….

Specific – Goals that are too broad are nearly impossible to judge
whether they are attained.

Measurable – Make your goals simple and concrete, that will make it
easier to see if you hit the mark.

Achievable – Goals need to be realistic, don’t set yourself up for

Realistic – Be honest with yourself, Self evaluation is extremely hard
but it must be done.

Time Framed – A set amount of time gives you structure and helps mentor

Information for the S.M.A.R.T acronym was found at and written by Annette Richmond


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