The Most Powerful Word in Sports

Watching sportscenter this morning and listening to all the talk about what happened to Jay Cutler, I realize that the one word that is the most powerful word in all of sport is send. That one word gives both athlete and fan the chance to voice an opinion and never take it back. Once you hit that button you have zero chance to rescind that comment or change your mind. Plus, if you try to back track and change your tune like Maurice Jones-Drew did during the Bears game you make yourself look worse. Once Jay Cutler went down with a knee injury you had a rush of people updating Facebook and twitter with ideas of what was really going on. MJD decided to let his opinion be known as well:

Jones_Drew32 Maurice Jones-Drew
Hey I think the urban meyer rule is effect right now… When the going gets tough……..QUIT..

Jones-Drew went on to say that he was only joking and his true intent was to take a shot at Florida. Little did he know that once he sent that tweet he would soon be suffering the backlash of Bears fans around the country and his tweet and this story would be picked up by multiple media outlets and showcased around the world. According to the Associate Press MJD is quoted as saying “I threw out this joke and the backlash came in. I tried to make it right, but it backfired.” Here is the link for the entire story

Both athletes and fans need to realize that in today’s world of connectivity someone is always going to be listening or watching. It’s very easy for something you type to be misunderstood and not come across the same way as if you said it. You have to be extremely careful with what you put out for the public because a small flame can turn into a wild fire. Before you hit that button make sure you understand the consequences you might face and determine whether or not it’s really that important to share that thought.


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