Spending time with Smitty

I had the privilege of spending the past couple of days with one of my favorite MSU athletes of all time. Steve Smith recently held two of his annual golf outings to benefit his scholarship and the West Michigan and Mid-Michigan MSU Alumni Clubs. Anybody that knows me knows that I love playing in golf outings but these two are my favorite simply for the fact that it gives me a chance to see Steve.

Growing up a Spartan fan I held Smitty in the highest regard as an athlete, I was in owe of the things he could do with a basketball, I wished I had a shot as smooth as his and a hesitation move that nobody can stop to this day. As I began my career at MSU I still looked up to Smitty as a basketball player but the more and more I got to interact with him the more I began to look up to him as a person. I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of people of the years and very few have the humility, thoughtfulness and grace of Steve Smith.

It’s understated the time he takes with each and every player that has passed through the Breslin Center. Quick to share a story, advice or let you know when you weren’t playing up to the potential he saw in you. Even when your career is over he always makes time to find out how you are doing and if their is anything he can do to help. I hope that one day I can be remembered for making the same impact by giving back to the community and University.


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