The House of Sparta
Do You Hold A Key?
There is a magnificent house that stands atop a high hill.
This house is home to the greatest Spartan Legends.
To talk about us is to drain the vocabulary of superlatives.
We are driven self starters who arrive early with a dominating attitude.
We have a steadfast focus to improve, excel and win.
We believe in hard work, sacrifice and we persist boldly until each mission is accomplished.
We are tough. We do our best regardless of circumstance and opposition.
We welcome confrontation and respond to challenge.
We train to the highest standards of relentless effort, precision execution,
inspired coaching and selfless unity.
We are the best of the best.
We trust our abilities, skills and instincts.
We never hold back and always take the leap of faith to see what we’re capable of achieving.
We embrace pressure and battle with an uninhibited joy.
We have faith in our leaders and believe with conviction in ourselves.
We take responsibility for our roles, goals, failures and successes.
We are committed to the plan and always support our team.
We have a group ego and have confidence in the power of oneness.
We prepare for glory in honor of Sparta and the warriors who’ve come before us.
We train passionately with pride and compete hard for the Spartan nation
who makes us a thundering force.
We stand shoulder to shoulder, sacrifice personal glory for group mission, overcome injuries and obstacles to show up anytime and anywhere…
and we dominate.
We are the underpinnings of the Spartan Empire – We are Spartan Legends.
Are You One Of Us?
Tim ‘Red’ Wakeham – Spartan

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