The moments that truly define who you are

Each day is made up of 84,600 seconds and each of those seconds that provide us with an opportunity to experience both positive and negative moments.  Moments that will put us into situation where we will fail or succeed.  Sometimes these triumphs or loses will be experiences on an internal level and other times these types of moments will be exposed on a national stage.

Too often in this current culture we look at the outcomes of our daily activities and use them as measuring stick to call us a successful person or a failure.  We forget that success and failure characteristics of a specific person, they are words that define the act of a single event.  One misstep doesn’t label you for every thing you do going forward.

In sports in happens after you perform poorly in a game with a lot hype and national recognition.  We have a lot of people who will be ready to blame a loss on one specific person or play.  Once those moments are over they are gone forever and you have to be ready to move forward.  

The one thing that truly defines who you are at your core is how you react to the outcomes you experience both positively and negatively. 


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