I’m happy for U of M…but not in the way most people think

There is a certain amount of happiness that I feel towards the current Wolverine basketball program.  I see the excitement that each one of those coaches and players are experiencing and it reminds me just how special going to a Final Four is.  I can relate to and understand what those athletes and coaches have gone through and invested.  So my happiness comes from watching a group of people who have committed so much time and effort into something and seeing that investment blossom into the chance to fulfill a dream.
On the other hand, my happiness does not mean that I’m aligning myself with that fan base to cheer them on in the national championship game.  The only school that I associate with and cheer for is the one I attended and graduated from.  I laugh when people ask me if I’m cheering for them to win because they are in the Big Ten or because they are from the State of Michigan.  I laugh because people seem to think I should join a group of fans that spent five years yelling obscenities and degrading comments about my teammates and me.  Taking every opportunity to exploit any academic troubles or mistakes made in ones personal life, the group who yelled the same obscenities at our parents that were sitting in the crowd.  NO, I won’t be cheering for them.
So my happiness for UM is centered around seeing a program make it to this point and knowing that they did it through hard work and sacrifice.  It’s remembering how special my Final Four experiences were, the memories I share with my teammates and knowing that these guys get to do it as well.  It ends at tip-off, when the game begins.  As a famous coach here in East Lansing once said “nobody pulls for their rival.” 

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  • MSU4Life

    I hope UM loses by a million.

  • Kory

    Just as a quick thought, the MSU fan base is just as bad as Michigan’s. As a neutral 3rd party observer, MSU fans trying to hold their heads high and mighty because Michigan fans are “terrible” is a joke. Same goes for Michigan. Root for whomever you want but realize that both fan bases have their absolutely terrible people that are an embarrassment to both universities.

    • timbograkos

      Hi Kory

      I agree 100% with you that all fan bases are going to have people who do things that are considered embarrassments to the university. I’m not condemning anyone who is rooting for UM and I’m no condoning the actions of some Spartan fans. I’m with you that people should root for whomever they want. Thank you for your comment, I think it’s an important conversation for fans to have. Especially when it can be done in a non-confrontational discuses. Thanks again for the comment and have a great day!

    • Kory D Hog

      Why would a neutral third party be crawling on Tim Bograkos’ blog. Sparty ON

  • Dawn Parker

    Hey Kory, All Tim is saying is he is not going to root for anyone whose fans used obscenities against he and his teammates. He experienced this directly. I won’t defend all MSU fans either, but I’ve personally witnessed many more 4-letter words at a U-M home hockey game, for instance, than I ever have at an MSU home game.

    • Kory

      I understand what he is saying. The addition of “group of fans that spent five years yelling obscenities and degrading comments about my teammates and me. Taking every opportunity to exploit any academic troubles or mistakes made in ones personal life, the group who yelled the same obscenities at our parents that were sitting in the crowd.” is not an excuse because Michigan players can say the exact same thing. I have been to many MSU – Wisconsin and Michigan – Wisconsin basketball and football games, and personally have witnessed horrible instances from both sides (MSU football games are the worst).

      • chetbodet05

        I completely agree with Tim on this. Its exactly why Michigan players wouldn’t cheer for MSU football. Why would Denard cheer for a team who’s fans celebrated him getting hurt or called him a pussy when Gholston tried to take off his head?

        Athletes should be fiercely loyal to their school and I respect Tim more for being able to so eloquently convey his opinion.

  • ismat

    This part is ridiculous: “I laugh because people seem to think I should join a group of fans that spent five years yelling obscenities and degrading comments about my teammates and me. Taking every opportunity to exploit any academic troubles or mistakes made in ones personal life, the group who yelled the same obscenities at our parents that were sitting in the crowd. NO, I won’t be cheering for them.” Um, way to lump us all together. Your whole piece is based on a BS premise. Many Michigan fans have pulled for MSU in bball, and very few are the type of fans you describe. (What’s more, I’m not sure I’d put angel wings on every single Spartan, either. But I’m not gonna hate on all of them.) Learn to write properly and with reason, son! You laugh when people ask are you cheering for the Big Ten or the state of Michigan? That’s just sad. Michigan is one of the few states with really great state pride. I live in NYC and still consider myself a Michigander. I went to umich, but my parents were at MSU when Magic played ball. I think we should celebrate that this state has two amazing schools.

    • timbograkos

      Agreed that MSU doesn’t have the nicest fans and every school has the same issues, thanks for the feedback and the lesson on how to write properly. My piece is based on my personal experience against UM and my interactions with fans. The fact that you want to take a shot at me over my personal opinion actual does lump you into that group, son. UM is a great school that does amazing things academically and athletically but forgive me if I don’t put on a maize and blue shirt to call myself a “fan’ all of a sudden because they’ve won a few games. Enjoy the game tonight

      • ismat

        I’m not taking a shot at you based on your personal opinion (and who says disagreeing = taking a shot?). My only problem with your post is that you based it on the fact that you won’t cheer for UM because its fans are supposedly awful. That was a logical fallacy, since not all fans are that way and two wrongs don’t make a right yadda yadda. I can respect that you don’t have to cheer for Michigan. But the way you wrote your piece, that’s what you emphasized: Michigan fans suck. Hey, your loyalty to MSU is great. I just wish folks like you could extend some of that loyalty to our state, as well. Of course you don’t have to!

      • timbograkos

        Completely understand, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment on it. I think it’s a valuable conversation for fans to have. Everyone has different opinions, thanks again and have a great night

    • Wolverin3foLYFE

      i love all the UofM fans getting personally offended. It’s a blog post, he can write whatever he wants guys.

  • Lindsay Willett

    As someone whose family is comprised of mostly U of M fans, yet who attended MSU for undergrad and law school, I thank you for writing this! I agree with it completely. My own family goes out of their way to post “GO BLUE!!!!” on any MSU status I post, even though I refrain from posting “GO GREEN!!!” on their Michigan posts. I received so many mean texts after Michigan won the second regular-season game, even though I didn’t rub it in anyone’s face about MSU blowing out Michigan in the first go-round. Since I was raised being a Michigan fan, I don’t exactly feel comfortable denigrating them, but after having spent 8 years of my life in East Lansing (plus over $175k), I know exactly where my loyalties lie. So, yeah… Good luck, Michigan. You’re gonna need it.

    • David

      Lindsay, that is the problem with most u-m fans. They feel the need to shove a “Go Bl**” down your throat at every chance and it is more than annoying. I have had adult men come up to me while I was in line at the grocery store and yell “Go B***” in my face just because I have a Spartan hat on. I usually just look at them like they are crazy and keep about my business. They don’t even deserve a response. After all your interactions with u-m fans, I’m sure you scratch your head and wonder how you could have ever been part of that fan base. Go Louisville!

    • AG84

      As a graduate of MSU, I had to laugh when I read “My own family goes out of their way to post “GO BLUE!!!!” on any MSU status I post, even though I refrain from posting “GO GREEN!!!” on their Michigan posts.”

      I get that all the time! Especially from a few people who not only did not go to UM, but didn’t even grow up in Michigan or go to college. I don’t get that. Root for whatever school you want and enjoy the victories, but don’t dog me because I root for a university that I actually attended and graduated from. What’s the old saying, “If you can’t say anything nice…”?

  • Palmer

    It’s like saying Ronald McDonald should eat a Whopper, simply because he and the King share a mutual love for burgers. Acknowledging the accomplishments of your competitor is one thing, but assuming that said acknowledgement somehow carries with it the need and obligation to support those competitors is ridiculous.
    As a Michigander, many of my good friends went to UofM and I always enjoyed myself there… It’s a great university in a great town. As a Spartan fan and a former Sparty Mascot, I will not waver in my lack of support for them (not to be confused with cheering again them).

  • Lola

    You sound so hypocritical. You wont root for a team that has yelled obscenities to your team? Do you watch or comprehend sports at all? Thats apart of the whole deal. ITS ALL PART OF THE FUN. If you were truly a basketb all fan you would enjoy to game for the mere aspects of the game and support a team that deserves to be there. State fans always make everything about them…or so it seems. Step off your high horse and learn how to enjoy college basketball, damn.

    • timbograkos

      I’m not sure if you’re aware or not but I actually played college basketball at MSU so I have a pretty good understanding of what sports is all about. I know MSU has the same issues and I’m just giving my opinion as a former player and MSU fan. Thanks for the comment, I’ll make sure I get off my high horse and enjoy the game tonight.

      • Lola

        Sooooo that explains why youre so sour that UofM made it farther. Makes sense now.

      • timbograkos

        That’s a very interesting take since I clearly stated that I’m happy for the players and coaches because they are having such an unbelievable experience. Not sure where I said I was sour or even upset about that. Enjoy the game tonight and thanks for the comment

    • Lauren W.

      @Lola lolz for not knowing who Timbo is, yet posting a comment ridiculing his professional opinion. Sure are classy and educated!

  • Nichole

    Every school has rude people, every school EVERYWHERE. I’m a Michigan fan, I went to Michigan, if MSU was playing Louisville I’d be cheering for MSU because they’re in the Big 10, just like I’d root for Wisconsin or whoever it may be.

  • Matt

    I’m happy for the program but not the fanbase

  • Elizabeth

    Except you’re not our rivals, Ohio State is.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, the only reason MSU is a “rival” is because we are in the same state.

    • David

      Says a woman reading a blog from a former MSU basketball player and feeling the need to comment. You do realize that the MSU vs. u-m rivalry transcends every sport and most households in the whole state. I have been at Scorekeepers in AA to watch MSU play OSU in hockey during the NCAA tourney when it was at Yost and the bar cheered every time OSU scored. Yeah, that sounds like what rivals do. Tell Hoke that MSU isn’t a “rival” and that he should remove the “countdown to MSU game” clock. Most u-m fans are clueless and you Brandon seem to fall into that ilk.

    • John

      lol typical arrogant UofM fan. That’s why UofM fans do things like make a sign at their bowl game saying “Spartan tears taste like sugar.”

  • Jennie

    Well clearly you didn’t go to Michigan because your grammar and all around structure of a sentence is terrible. Your fan base does the same thing UofM fans do, that’s what makes a rivalry a rivalry, college grad. Eventually all of those fans screaming awful things will grow up and grow out of their immaturity. Michigan going to the Final Four and having the chance to win a national championship benefits ALL Big Ten schools. So put your big boy pants on and try to be a mature fan, your school depends on it. Michigan, on the other hand, does not depend on you. They’re fan base is well established and by no means needs an idiot like you on they’re side.

    • timbograkos

      Thank you for the comment, I’m so glad that I have the opportunity to learn from someone like you. I’ll make sure to watch my sentence structure and grammar in the future. Enjoy the game tonight!

      • Nate

        Tim, you would’ve been well justified to blast Jennie either a.) for just simple and obvious trolling or b.) belittling you about grammar and THEN misusing “they’re” (POSSESSION IS “THEIR”…COME ON!!)….it would’ve been rather funny. Oh well. There are only 2 opinions on the internet: your own personal one, and everyone else’s wrong one. People need to relax.

        On that note, GO BLUE, and I’ll still always root for MSU when they aren’t playing U of M. 😉

    • Charlotte

      I can certainly say I’ve never heard a Michigan State fan insult a Michigan fan’s intelligence in a bullshit forum. Way to go, Jennie, for proving Tim’s point about your fan base.

      P.S. “So put your big boy pants on and try to be a mature fan, your school depends on it.” isn’t a sentence. Those who throw stones…

      P.P.S. “They’re fan base” … “on they’re side” Really, Grammar Queen? I just couldn’t resist…

      P.P.P.S. I didn’t go to Michigan State so I feel free to insult everyone’s education equally.

    • Shelley

      Jennie…they’re means they are…watch your own grammar when you are correcting another person’s grammar.
      A proud MSU former bball student secretary and now 1st grade teacher…good job Tim, Go State!

    • Rachel

      “Well clearly you didn’t go to Michigan because your grammar and all around structure of a sentence is terrible.”

      Jennie why don’t you practice what you preach and watch your own grammar before correcting others? A bit comma happy, aren’t we?

      “They’re fan base is well established and by no means needs an idiot like you on they’re side.”

      Wow, Someone clearly drinks the cool aid. If you actually paid attention our fan base is well established too – by people who have actually attended the school. Not a bunch of uneducated lunatics who couldn’t get into community college if they tried.

    • Travis

      Good job Jennie! I am so proud to see that you went to Michigan. I see your grammar is bad. If your going to pick apart someone, Make sure that you have the right to. Great job Tim, I am right there with you 100%.

  • Jess Knott

    Well done, Tim. Well done.

  • Mark

    That’s funny coming from a school of classless assholes who constantly degrade U of M. People at UM don’t care about state. We know we are much more intelligent and have better athletic programs. People at state are way too interested in what we are doing.

    • John

      lol keep telling yourself that buddy. You don’t care? Why are you commenting on a Spartan’s blog post then? And way to pull the “we’re more intelligent than you” card. I’ve never heard that one before. Again, typical arrogant UofM fan thinking they’re better than everyone.

  • Kleighton

    You can tell Jennie is a genius. Her use of the word “they’re” is like something out of the finest of novels.

  • Jenna

    I loved reading this! You described the way I feel about this perfectly. Also, I love the way you so respectfully reply to some of these comments.

  • Eric

    Totally agree that no athlete is going to, or should be expected to, cheer on their rival. It’s just not going to happen. But this holier than thou attitude is ridiculous at best. State fans are some of the most venomous out there. It’s a two way street for sure, and I’m fine with that. But don’t tell me how bad Michigan fans are, and ignore the long tradition of burning couches in East Lansing. And I’m sure the Wolverine players were treated to milk and cookies from the fans in Breslin Arena. Give me a break.

  • Fran Weber

    See your previous post on Ego……. I, I, I , I, my, my, my, my.

    This comment is from a fan of neither team for the simple reason that sport has been elevated to place of importance that transcends reason and simple reality. Fans from both schools behave in a despicable way over something that has no importance other than mindless entertainment. If Universities would focus all of that energy and capital on research, something of true value might be achieved.

  • Paul Case

    I’m a UM grad, and I’ve rooted for Izzo &.Co. many times after the Wolverines bowed out of the NCAA (or didn’t even make it). I’m not a Spartan fan, but I do support the B1G. I’m so tired of hearing nothing but SEC for football, I like for B1G to own basketball in the same way.

    I’ve had my share of extremely rude Spartan fans (not grads necessarily) take over my facebook page when I express support for UM. But I certainly don’t classify ALL Spartan fans that way. And, there are also UM fans whose behavior is indefensible. We should support our teams passionately, but with class and good sportsmanship. And there’s nothing wrong with supporting our conference or our state if our team is no longer in the hunt.

    • Kathy

      Love this post. As a MSU grad and passionate Spartan fan, I find it is rarely the UM grad that is rude but rather that Walmart Wolverine. I have been to many Spartan-Wolverine showdowns in Ann Arbor (football, hockey) and mostly the fans are classy. Heck, most of my family are UM grads/fans and sit with me at the games so I feel protected because they would pummel anyone who seriously insulted me. (Good-natured ribbing is perfectly acceptable.) Both schools are excellent and it was a tough choice for me to go to MSU over UM, but for me personally, it was the best decision. I despise all this unnecessary hatred between our schools. We can cheer on our teams without being nasty and cruel. Whenever I proudly put on my Spartan attire, I remember I am representing my school. And really, it is just a game. So I hope all my Wolverine friends and family enjoy the game tonight. I hope they win though in all honestly, it won’t be as sweet as a Spartan victory for me. Still, Go Blue!

    • Rachel

      Hey Paul, thanks for having class. I rarely come across UM fans like you, and agreed the hatred between our schools is unnecessary. Like you, I get tired of the mean fans.

  • Lindsay

    That second paragraph is perfect. Thank you for this.

  • bosch

    I am puzzled by the MSU fans in this thread who would pull *against* Michigan tonight.

    if you live in Michigan, and you support MSU, then you have good friends friends who support Michigan and will be happy when they win. The opposite is true, of course. If you live in Michigan, and you support MSU, then you have good friends who support Michigan when they win.

    Why would you *not* pull for the opposing in-state team when they have a chance to do something remarkable? You should want your rival to be as successful as possible, for two reasons. First, and graciously, it’s nice to see your friends happy. Second, and selfishly, when it comes time to play head-to-head, you know that your team is competing with the best. What fun were the MSU / Michigan games when you had a regular NCAA final four contender beating up on a team that barely made the NIT?

    Honestly, the thought of pulling for Louisville (or more accruately, *against* Michigan), simply so that your friends and neighbors will be deprived of the joy that you will not have yourself, strikes me as self-centered, insecure, and small-minded.

    • timbograkos

      Thanks for the comment, I see your point of view. Although I never said I was cheering for Louisville.

    • Sonny

      bosch – did you cheer for the high school you attended or another one? Just curious. I find most people who attended and graduated from an institution find a bond and loyalty to it. I didn’t cheer for UL as I have no association to that college. I did not cheer for UM for the same reason. If one has no association maybe I can understand it a little better but without the association, it’s easy to be a bandwagon fan.

  • mike h

    Nice post, Tim. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised that you aren’t rooting for your rival. Seems like a pretty simple idea to grasp. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want UofM fans rooting for MSU if the roles were reversed today. Maybe it’s a compliment in some f’d up way that they seek your approval and support.

    p.s. how was my grammar and sentence structure?

    MSU ’02

  • Andrea Happell (@ahappell24)

    Tim – I enjoyed your thoughts. As a Spartan who has the chance to win $250 tonight if Louisville wins (March Madness Pool), I’ll be cheering against the Blue.

  • Travis

    Hey Tim,

    As a MSU alum and someone who also competed athletically for the Spartans, I totally understand where you are coming from when you wrote this. However, it’s been 12 years since you last played for MSU. Don’t you think it’s time to let go of the animosity towards those fans who treated you and your family badly? At the end of the day, how someone treats you is their problem, and how you react to it is yours. The fact that it still bothers you means they won. It’s not like MSU fans or U of M fans have ever been angles when it comes to the rivalry… but why? Who has room in their life for anger and hatred when it comes to sport. Sport is supposed to bring us together, not push us apart. Especially in a state like Michigan, where there have been so many problems recently. Being happy for them and understanding what it’s like is one thing, but why not forgive, move forward, be the bigger person and actually cheer for Michigan tonight?

    Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  • Russ Jensen

    Hey Tim. Enjoy the game. Say hi to the fellas for me. I loved the crew from your time. You guys made my time in east lansing memorable.

  • Brian

    I must say, I love when people start talking trash when it comes to UofM and MSU. The one thing I would like to mention that I have not seen talked about was the number of MSU fans who purchased SDSU shirts and wore them during the tournament at the Palace while UofM was playing and then have the nerve to call UofM fans classless.

    • timbograkos

      Always a fun discussion when it comes to MSU/UM. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure you’re looking forward to a great game between two great teams tonight just like I am.

  • theoctopusjones

    Tim, as a fellow Spartan I understand your feelings. I’ll admit, I was excited to see U of M play in the Final Four. I remember when Mateen & Co. won it all, and I was a student on campus when MSU made it to the Final 4 in 2004. But something in me clicked during the last 5 minutes of the game vs. Syracuse last Saturday: I wanted them to loose. Bleed Green!

  • proud wolverine

    I grew up in East Lansing, my parents both attended MSU, though my mom went to U of M for grad school and switched allegiances. I grew up a proud Michigan fan. That being said, I would always root for MSU if they weren’t playing UM. My dad, a diehard MSU fan would also always root for UM. But as I got older, I couldn’t handle it anymore, Many MSU fans I know put as much energy into rooting against UM as they do actually rooting of their school. I am now a student at UM, and I still respect MSU, but I just don’t root for or against them. I completely understand not rooting for another school especially a rival, I just am annoyed by MSU fans who just hate. Great post, much respect.

  • travis

    Because chanting 123 first down b#%!h at every football game or chanting USA when nik stuaskis (canadian ) as he takes the court isnt degreading? I can see it from both sides but Im not trying to start an argument . But hey at least we are not duke

  • John

    He never said State fans were angels. We’re not. I don’t know why people are taking this for more than just his personal opinion/experience. He is saying that in his experience he would never root for UofM, just as he would never expect a UofM fan to root for MSU. It’s really not that hard to understand.

    I agree. I’ll never root for UofM, Just like I wouldn’t expect them to root for us. Both fan bases can be classless assholes, but at least state fans aren’t arrogant like a lot of UofM fans.

  • Laura@Catharsis

    As a blogger, I have to first commend you for reading each comment and responding to most and for your levelheadedness and kindness when responding to people’s callousness and animosity. I also have to commend you for not quickly correcting some of the blatant inaccuracies in people’s comments (see the chick who chastised you for your grammar and sentence structure through her own comma splices and run-on sentences). I have fallen victim to less-than-cordial rebuttals on my own blog. I do understand what you’re saying here. I’m a MSU graduate (2003) and bleed Green. I celebrated the Championship win in 2000 with my classmates and friends and afterward with my then boyfriend’s roommate, who was on the team. It was truly one of the most memorable social experiences of my time at MSU, and it would be equally as memorable for the team, coaching staff, and students at UM now. I will be rooting for UM tonight, but I COMPLETELY understand why you won’t, and I don’t think you deserve rebuke for your choice. From one forever Spartan to another, go Green!

    • timbograkos

      Thank you for that comment. Just as I have the freedom to say what I want in my blog I think it’s important to let the reader state his/her opinion. I understand this a subject driven by passion and I knew it would get a mixed response but that’s the fun of it. I hope everyone enjoys the game tonight, I know I will as a fan. I just don’t have a dog in this fight so I’m not cheering for anybody.

  • Rae

    Nice post, Tim. I think you captured the inner dilemma many of us face tonight. It is hard for some folks to understand the grey area of being happy for our friends and yet not donning any maize and blue.

    What I love MORE is how respectful and kind you are in your responses- even to the nasty replies. It’s easy to get caught up in hateful words and assumptions, as exemplified above. (Though it must be pretty entertaining to have so many people fiercely interested in your personal opinion.)

    Tonight should be a fun match-up and hopefully an exciting game to watch. Enjoy the night!

    • timbograkos

      Thanks, I think it’s funny because to a certain extent they are right. I’m terrible with grammar but I already know that 😄. It’s going to be a great night for college basketball fans.

  • Steve

    Tim — As a Spartan and English teacher, and someone who gets defensive of his alma mater, I congratulate you on your ability to handle the criticism of those on the other side. I couldn’t do it with such class. Thanks for putting it so well.

  • Terri

    The problem is that whenever you disagree with a um fan, you are WRONG! So even though Tim gave his OPINION, the um fans don’t agree with it so it is WRONG!
    By the way, I am a um graduate who has been a Spartan fan my whole life and COULD NEVER root for the Wolverines. I’ve tried several times, and I just can’t do it! The reason is because of growing up with people stuffing the go blue and the Academics about um from people who aren’t smart enough to get into a community college!

  • Jonathan Swegles

    Mr. Bograkos,

    THIS. IS. AWESOME. So well said about sacrifice, commitment, and accomplishment. Well done, sir! Spartan Pride!

  • Terri Briggs

    My Dad worked for MSU for year, and he said it best. I have 2 favorite teams, MSU and whoever plays AGAINST Ohio State. I live in a house divided several times a year, I’m pleased that UM is going as far as they have, but honestly, the only time I truly cheer for UM is when they play against Ohio State.

  • Brian

    Tim, thank you for expressing your thoughts better than I could. I always get a kick out of Michigan fans who say they’ll never root for OSU but then expect MSU fans to root for UM.

  • Wayne

    Good for you Tim! I don’t think I would handle the comments as calmly as you did. I’m also sick of my friends shove the “GO BL**” on my facebook (most of them didn’t even go there. Heck, one of them didn’t even finish college!). I didn’t graduate from MSU, but I’m considering starting a second bachelor’s degree there( so I can say I actually graduated from there lol). Thank you for your opinion, and keep up the good work. Go Green, Go White, GO STATE!

  • Tim Bograkos Never Played in a Final Four Game..

    Curious as to when your “final four” experiences were crafted. You never played in one. You never contributed to anything that amounted to a trip to the Final Four. Why do you feel the need to mislead people? You have no idea what any of the players on the Michigan side of the ball or the Louisville side of the ball (who stepped on that court this season) contributed to.

    Anyone can post anything on the internet people. When you start rallying around some chump who is twelve years removed from riding the bench at MSU during a time when your rival is the center of attention -please step back and take a look at how you are being perceived.

    • Brian

      Actually he did play in a final four game and played 6 minutes.

      • Tim Bograkos Never Played in a Final Four Game..

        Was that when North Carolina was up by close to 15 with six minutes left to play. If that is the case then I totally am in the wrong and I understand how this guy can be a subject matter expert and understand what any of the starting five on either side of the ball experienced last night. You understand one piece of it, how it looks from the inside and on the bench.

        This is mindless drivel paired up with the whole stigma that captures this State whenever UM or MSU have made it further than the other or have reached a echelon in the season. Your result is a hot little piece for MSU fan to pass around on Facebook and Twitter.

        You can’t really find many career highlights on Google, but you can find where Bograkos claims he wanted to uphold the program in the highest regards whenever he stepped on to the court. So I’m guessing “off the court” is a whole different story Tim?

        If Tim Bograkos doesn’t want to be a hypocrite then he should understand one simple rule. You’re always on stage whether you’re on the court or off the court. They teach you this in Ann Arbor.

        “I laugh because people seem to think I should join a group of fans that spent five years yelling obscenities and degrading comments about my teammates and me”

        Way to characterize an entire “group of fans”, and this is coming from someone who leads up some type of student-alumni connection?

        Look Tim, your words aren’t very bright or intelligently crafted and this entire blog post flames out like a couch in Cedar Village.

        There are exponentially more respectful Spartan and Wolverines fans than the few who exhibit behavior that is truly disgusting and ignorant towards students, alumni, athletes or supporters of the opposite program.

        You want to sound like you know what you’re taking about?

        Don’t label. Once again, it takes Ann Arbor to show East Lansing the error in their ways.

      • timbograkos

        Thanks for commenting and I appreciate the feedback. I understand that putting my opinion out there opens the door for people who disagree with me. I didn’t intend to clump all fans together and never implied that MSU fans are by any means superior. Just wanted to state my opinion. Thanks again for sharing yours, it will help me improve in the future. Good luck with everything

      • LP

        I’m not sure how to address you, since you didn’t leave your name – but I’ll just call you “Mr. Tim Bograkos Never Played in a Final Four Game” – (Mr. TBNPiaFFG for short)

        Mr. TBNPiaFFG- Were you aware that Tom Izzo has a post season player award named and founded in Tim’s honor? Every year, (since Tim’s graduation, continuing on since and through the future of the men’s basketball program at Michigan State) someone is honored with this award. I’m not sure how that looks to you, but I’m certain that implies a “contribution” not only to a Final Four game, but to the EMPIRE that Michigan State basketball is. Did you know he was a team captain on that Final Four team? Look up the 2003 MSU vs Kentucky game and watch the last few minutes for a small “contribution” from Tim. He is also a Big Ten Champion, but since he only played 11 minutes, I suppose that may be hard for you to agree with. But enough about Tim for a moment… Did you know that even if you aren’t in the starting five, regardless of the number of minutes you play, that you are still a part of the team? (If you have ever played a sport then I’m sure you would know that… besides, it’s probably a silly question since you sound like you might be from Ann Arbor and there are quite a few smart people down there…, my bad). Did you know that even those guys who sit on the bench (the ones that play 9-10 minutes here and there throughout the game), even those schmucks still get to go to the different Final Four events, dinners, pep rallies, even the practices, shoot-arounds and the game! – they get to take part in all that hoopla! (they aren’t segregated from the starters, believe it or not). As a result, Tim does have a little bit of knowledge and experience when it comes to a Final Four – well, WINNING in general when it comes right down to it. Tim’s career isn’t full of the glamour you seem to be focused on (points, minutes, steals, etc), but only an amateur sport enthusiast makes numbers and stats the only things that matter and you seem more intelligent and experienced than that.

        One last thing I’d like to point out…. for how eloquent you are with your words, I wish you would refrain from throwing stones in your glass house. You make it clear in your post that you shouldn’t generalize or clump any group of people together – but you (unintentionally, I’m sure) have done so yourself:
        “Once again, it takes Ann Arbor to show East Lansing the error in their ways.”
        Don’t be the hypocrite you so hypocritically called Tim. You’re better than that!

        Regardless of our disagreements, I hope you have a great day Mr. TBNPiaFFG :-).

      • Sonny

        Yeeeeaahhh, we’ve seen the high standard UM has on and off the court. What planet are you from? Also, too many walverines commenting here. Obvious when someone did not attend nor graduate from the school they so want to represent.

  • Karen Sampson Hudson

    Uh…how can I put this…We consider the Buckeyes our rival, not Sparty.

  • Mary Kessler

    Look in the mirror!

  • DrKelli

    your so stupid, michigan is the best, their the coolest and smartest. your grammer is so bad. can’t believe you would not cheer for you’re rival. its not like you even no anything about basketball… you said spartan fans are perfect angels, i read it up they’re in you’re blog post. GO B1G! 🙂

  • diefroschin

    If U of M fans were the only, “group of fans that spent five years yelling obscenities and degrading comments about my teammates and me. Taking every opportunity to exploit any academic troubles or mistakes made in ones personal life, the group who yelled the same obscenities at our parents that were sitting in the crowd,” I could buy it.

    Would you feel the same about Illinois or Ohio State fans OR were Michigan fans really the only ones who did those things?

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