A great story from Suzy Merchant – Are your hands truly bloody?


A man pulls up to a golf course at 7am.

When he gets out to the driving range he sees one other guy

This other man has empty buckets all around his area

As he stands there watching he notices the perfection of his swing

He stands there for 10 minutes and finally he gets the courage to say something

“I’d love to hit a ball like you”

The other gentleman stops, looks back and answers

“Do you really”

“Do you really want to be out here at 4am every morning hitting balls for 3 hours?”

“Do you want to go to a job you hate at 8am everyday just to put food on the table and a roof over your head?”

“Do you want to come back to the range after that job and hit more balls until your hands are bloody?”

“Do you really want to do what it takes?”

None of us are entitled to the outcome

The only thing guaranteed is the work

Next time you find something you think you really want ask yourself

Do I really want the work it takes to truly be great?


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