Little John Flowers tells Spartan Dawgs: “Stand on books, not footballs”

Here the conversation here

Little John Flowers and Todd “T.J.” Duckett were teammates at Kalamazoo Loy Norrix andMichigan State University. Little John joins Spartan DawgsDuckett, Andre Hutson, and Tim Bograkos for a conversation on lessons learned as Spartans athletes.

Michigan State was my only choice as far as colleges I wanted to attend,” Flowers says. “Once I met Nick Saban and my parents met Magic Johnson, my path to MSU was secured.

“It was a dream come true to be in the same backfield again with my best friend T.J. Duckett.”

Flowers talks about the impact Saban had on him, his path to professional football, and how he translates leadership skills honed in football to his professional career.

“It’s easy getting there (to pro football); staying is the hard part,” says Flowers.

Little John returned to MSU to finish earning his degree once he determined his professional football days were over. And now he’s on an upward career trajectory as a Walmart manager.

Flowers shares his favorite advice where he compares standing on footballs to standing on books.

“Get in a routine of doing things every day that helsp you become a better person,” Flowers says. “You’re either getting better or worse each day; so keep running toward that finish line.”


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