How do you carve your pumpkin?

I had the privilege of hearing Dan Gilbert speak and he posed this question to everyone in the room and it only seemed fitting for today.  Ask the majority of people to lay out the steps to carving a pumpkin and you will get the same response.

  1.  Cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin
  2. Scrap out all of the crap inside
  3. Design and cut the face
  4. Light a candle and set it inside without

Seems like a simple plan to execute, the question that was asked  is:

Why does everyone do it like that?  

Dan G. saw this technique as being an inefficient way of doing a simple task.  He got tired of getting pumpkin all over his hands and arms while scrapping the insides out.  While trying to get the candle lit and in the pumpkin the candle goes out or falls over because it’s sitting on an uneven surface on the bottom of the pumpkin.  Instead of dealing with that every year he decided to change things up, the decision was:

Carve the pumpkin from the bottom  

This immediately solves the problems; all the insides just fall out of the bottom of pumpkin.  All you have to do is set the lit candle on the porch and then set you pumpkin over it.  You still have the handle on the pumpkin so it makes it easier to carry.

It’s the perfect way to demonstrate why you don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing just because.  Sometimes it makes things that much better when you take a different path than the masses.



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