The Moment

What happens when you find the moment you’ve been chasing?

 In your head, you’ve spent countless hours visualizing how a certain event will play out and how you will become triumphant.  Give a kid a basketball and let him play by himself.  After a while you’ll hear him counting down an imaginary clock so he or she can take that last second shot with all five imaginary defenders draped all over them.

 It’s a game that we continue to play even as we get older and progress through our athletic careers.  When I was at Michigan State we spent countless hours practicing taking that last shot as the time ran down…. “SWISH and the crowd goes wild!”  It’s those hours that propel you on the chase and it’s those extra minutes that help you find the inches needed for greatness.

 Chasing a moment requires a blind faith that all of the work you are putting in is worth the reward, that the process with lead to the desired outcome.  You must trust that when the moment arises, you know you have earned the right to be successful.

 We all want our moment and sometimes it seems that your extra time will never be rewarded.  We feel that no one will ever come to appreciate the work that has been done when no one else is looking.

 So as you close your eyes and envision your moment, make sure you’re doing what needs to be done to prepare.  Trust this process because you never know when your moment will arrive.



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