New Podcast: Information Manipulation – A Conversation with MSU Professor Steve McCornack

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I sat down with one of my old professors Dr. Steve McCornack to talk about his work in the field of Information Manipulation and the new theory he and his colleagues have publish about the topic. He is a leading researcher in the domains of relational deception and deceptive discourse production. His contributions to deception scholarship include the McCornack-Parks Model of Deception Detection, the Probing Effect, Information Manipulation Theory (IMT), IMT2, and the McCornack Falsification Probability Curve. Dr. McCornack is the author of the interpersonal communication textbooks Reflect and Relate and Interpersonal Communication and You, and the human communication text Choices and Connections. He has received numerous awards for teaching excellence, including the 2013 NCA Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education, a Lilly Endowment Teaching Fellowship, the Amoco Foundation Excellence-in-Teaching Award, the MSU Teacher/Scholar Award, and the MSU Alumni Association Excellence-in-Undergraduate-Teaching Award. Steve was the 1999 and 2010 MSU Nominee for Carnegie Foundation U.S. Professor of the Year. Dr. McCornack has been at MSU since the Fall of 1988, and currently serves as Coordinator for the Undergraduate Program, Honors Advisor, and Faculty Advisor to the Undergraduate Communication Association. His primary responsibilities as Undergraduate Coordinator are to approve credit transfers from outside institutions, review waiver requests, and resolve student problems.


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