Improve your team with these 5 lessons from Mat Ishbia

I had the good fortune of being at an event the other night and hearing one of my former teammates Mat Ishbia speak. Most people remember Mat from his time on the basketball court as a fan favorite at Michigan State, I remember Mat as being one of the most important players we had on the team. He had the ability to connect with people and his understanding of the game made him a great coach. It’s no surprise that since his graduation he has taken that same philosophy into the business world at United Shore. Here a few of the principles he’s used to help grow his business from a team of 12 to 1,100.

You Are Important – Each member of the team is just as important as the next, it doesn’t matter if it’s the CEO or a receptionist. You’re all on the same team. You have to work to be the best because your continued best effort is imperative to the growth of the team.

Set Standards, Hold People Accountable – Talk about the standards you expect from people and what it will take to achieve them. At MSU Coach Izzo only talks about National Championships because that’s the standard. It also enhances your ability to hold people accountable if they aren’t living up to those standards on a daily basis.

Recognize – Each team member at United Shore can develop ideas that they think will help improve the company. Many of these ideas have been implemented and the individual is reward with a light bulb to showcase on his/her desk. These light bulbs signify your creation of a bright idea that is helping the company and have become more coveted than a monetary bonus

What’s Important This Moment – What do you need accomplished right now to continue moving the needle. We all run into the muse at some point and it can take over our concentration but if you want to end the day knowing that you got 1% better then you have to figure what’s most important at that moment and do it

Be in the weeds of your business – have you ever seen a Tom Izzo timeout? He’s coaching everyone and knows exactly where everyone needs to be on the floor to make the system work. That’s a guy who’s in the weeds of his team. He’s spent time with each coach/player so he can understand what he can do to make them success. That only happens if you spend the time with your teammates so you can understand how the work and what you can do to help.


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