6 Things We Should All Remind Ourselves….Especially Me

I wrote this to myself, I need the reminders

Too often I forget about them or I’ll remind myself but not commit with absolute certainty to doing them. Putting them down on paper and sharing makes them real and not something I just hold in my head.

We all get caught up with verbalizing a goal we’d like to accomplish but when you write it down and you have to look at it…..things change.

Hopefully some of these resonate with you.

Remain Present – Spend time thinking about the future and what your goals may be but don’t do it at the expense of truly enjoying the right now

Be Curious – Being curious opens the doors to discovering so much about yourself. Read and write, listen and speak, think and unthink. Act. Rinse. Repeat (Thanks to Eric Jorgenson for those)

Stay Resilient – Understand that you have to go through a certain level of adversity to fully grow.  True change happens when things are painful, it’s one of the few feedback tools we have that you can get in real time. Embrace it!

Be Forward Facing – Your greatest failures are the things that will propel you towards accomplishment

Swim in the Blue Ocean – There’s a book called Blue Ocean strategy and it say’s that if there are a bunch of sharks all feeding at the same place the ocean will be red and hard to see but if you turn towards the blue ocean there are a lot of opportunities.

Appreciate and Acknowledge – Appreciate the people in your life today and acknowledge it to them. Tell your friends and family you love them, give longer hugs, put your phone down and fully engage with people.


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