Separation between good and great

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Nicknamed “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly Fletcher spent nearly two decades as a female sports agent recruiting the top athletes, coaches and media personalities in the game. In 2010, she started her own company, The Molly Fletcher Company, which serves clients through a variety of services, including: keynote speaking, team building programs and online learning.

The Female Sports Agent

Molly made a name for herself as one of the only female sports agents in the industry. Her client list boasted some of the top names in sports, including Tom Izzo, Ernie Johnson, Jr., Matt Kuchar, Doc Rivers, John Smoltz, Joe Theismann and hundreds more. She represented Major League Baseball stars, PGA and LPGA golfers, college and world championship coaches, and media personalities during her career as an agent.

Motivational Speaker & Author

A popular keynote speaker, Molly applies lessons learned from her years of experience in the sports industry to the business world. She speaks to audiences around the country on topics related to:

She also travels the country as a team building facilitator, working with both Fortune 500 companies and sports teams to build winning cultures by enhancing trust, transparency and team dynamics.

Molly is the author of three books. Her most recent title, A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating: How Conversation Gets Deals Done,  is a tactical guide to effective negotiation. She is also the author of The 5 Best Tools to Find Your Dream Career, a tactical guide to becoming your own career agent, and The Business of Being the Best, in which she extracts the common traits found in top performers.

In addition, the Molly Fletcher Company provides a full range of services to clients. The Betterment Institute, an online learning platform, teaches relationship-based business development skills. Molly and her team also work with both corporate and sports teams to build healthy and productive cultures.

Awards & Honors

A trailblazer throughout her career, Molly has been honored with numerous awards, including Outstanding Alumni from Michigan State University, 2014 Inspiring Women by the Atlanta Dream, and the 2011 POW! Womenetics Award. Numerous media outlets have featured Molly, including CNN, ESPN, Fast Company, Forbes and Sports Illustrated.

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