The No.1 thing you can do to make an immediate impact for your team

Finding the gap to help your team

The idea of finding a gap was one that was initially taught to me by Coach Izzo’s college coach Stephen Kirk. He pulled aside follow one of our practices and explained to me how he saw that our team was missing someone who would do the dirty work. Our team needed someone who would commit themselves to playing defense, rebounding and grabbing every loose ball that hit the floor.

He told me:
You don’t have to be a superstar in order to make a big impact”

That stuck with me and truly shaped how I viewed my role within the program. The more I plugged that gap, the more I played in games. I was lucky that I had someone with an outside perspective that pulled me aside and gave me such good advice; I wasn’t able to see that opportunity while I was in it.

There are 3 things that can help you focus in on where opportunities may be and how you can create your impact on your team.

1. Look for the gaps that you can use your skillset to plug
2. Seek an outside perspective
3. Fully commit to the decision and attack it

Listen to the audio version here


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