4 ways leaders create abundance and fulfillment for your team

Work/life balance is something that we all seek to find. In this day of constant connectivity and always feeling like we have to be answering emails, text, tweets, etc it’s gotten harder for some people to carve out time.

I had a great conversation with Tracy Brower yesterday about not trying to create a work/life balance but working to creating integration between your work and your life. Becoming intentional with how you decided to invest your time and bringing more value to the office than you’re taking away.

“The world we experience is the world we expect to experience. It’s about perspective”

Listen to full conversation HERE

Tracy gave good insight into the role that a leader must play in helping create an environment that is conducive to healthy work /life


  • Leaders must model an authentic integration of work and life in their own personal lives to set the standard for the team

2.Pay Attention

  • Keeping team members engaged and feeling part of the overall process. Engaged team members are happy team members


  • Make sure that all team members understand the vision and the purpose. You have to make the brick layer understand they aren’t just laying bricks they’re building a cathedral


  • Leaders get the right people in the right seats on the bus to ensure that things are moving forward.

I love the idea being intentional with the decisions you make and work to better understand how to use your time effectively. There is confusion between what is urgent and what is important and it can throw us completely out of balance.

Work/life integration isn’t a myth, it’s something we can all accomplish and as Tracy says “creating work/life integration can provide you abundance and fulfillment.”

Tracy_Brower FB


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