The Importance of Empathy – Are You Losing It?

Have we created the elimination of empathy?

Our current day to day engagement with people is happening at an alarmingly rapid rate and that speed is beginning to impair our ability to truly relate with and understand peoples pain.

We have a ridiculous ability to consume mass quantities of content from multiple channels and “friends” right now.  But there is a lack of understanding for how the context of what’s being said is interpreted.

For example, when you get an email and you are trying to understand the tone with which it is being written. You end up assuming that tone, right or wrong. Then consider how easy it is to deliver opinions in such a wide open market. What we are left with is a vast, near infinite platform for hurtful, uneducated comments.

Empathy is a key leadership trait that is essential for helping you share and understand other peoples experiences. The better your understanding is of how people feel, the easier it becomes to have an impact on them.

Your ability to connect with people will change dramatically when you focus on being more empathetic. You will be a better listener and you will engage more with how they are feeling. It heightens your emotional intelligence which gives you the ability to ensure that feelings can’t control the outcome of a situation.

Leadership is about empathy.  It is about having the ability to relate and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives – Oprah


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