Be First and Be a Better Leader

Leadership is a fluid thing. Everyone takes that path and develops an individual approach to how they are going to lead. The more opportunities you have to be placed in a situation of leadership the more chances you have to test and retest the core principles that make up the foundation of your own personal leadership style. One thing that is fundamental for all leaders is the concept of being first. Your team is going to look to follow you so you have to be taking a proactive approach the setting an example and not a reactive approach to being a leader.

Be first to communicate and last to withhold – The best way if heard this described is the quote below. But also understand that when communicate with your team so there is a clear understanding of vision, strategy and issues, you step into a leadership role.

“Lying puts problems in the future; the truth puts them in the past”

Be first to praise other – You need to be leading the celebration for the good work that your teammates are doing. It’s also important that people understand that they are appreciated for the things they are doing. Too often we miss opportunities to acknowledge people and express gratitude.

Be first to confront issues – You cannot allow issues to fester, small issue might not seem like a big deal but it they begin to compound you will have a large problem before you know it.

Be first to protect and defend the team – You might not always agree with everything that is happening but when it comes to public interaction you have to defend your team in public and confront problems in private. It’s important that everyone has the chance to voice an opinion but they should feel comfortable about doing it around the team.

Be first to serve and last to be served – A servant leadership approach will make it evident that you’re doing things with other people’s best interest at heart.


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