What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

“What advice would you give your 18 year old self?”

That’s the question that was asked of me during a recent podcast interview I was doing. The funny thing is that I’ve heard that question asked of several other people but not once had I taken the time to actually sit back and ponder what my answer might be. I had to think back to what I actually thought I knew when I was 18 and like a lot of people I thought I knew most things. I thought I had a great perspective on what was important to me, the path I needed to follow and the stuff I needed to obtain in order to be deemed successful. It was during that moment of introspection that the answer hit me….

Everything you thought was important is not important and everything you took for granted is important.

In my younger years I had a skewed view of the importance of stuff and the admiration of other people. I tended to view that admiration as a way to validate my own self-worth and I used that stuff as a measuring stick to track my success. I spent zero time thinking about things that when you boil it down truly matter.

Family/Friends – spending time with them and appreciating them for the sacrifices they’ve made for you.

Appreciation of the small things – a good cup of coffee or wine, a great conversation, an awesome song. These are the small things that happen every day and are often looked over but can make a big difference.

“A great life isn’t about great big things; it’s about small things that make a big difference.”

Be mindful – we often spend time thinking about what has happened previously or what could happen in the future but the practice of being mindful and present will solve a lot of your issues.

Let go of the comparative mind – Life isn’t a competition; it’s your own separate journey. Have the understanding that you are exactly who, what and where you’re supposed to be in your life and you’re awesome.

Our years and experiences provide us with a number of learning opportunities. The areas of growth are often disguised in the shadows and through introspection you can shed light on them.

 “Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company”


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