Day 1 – Blind Acceptance vs Self-Awareness

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” – Martin Luther King Jr.

This is my first step for me as I embark on a 30 day writing challenge for myself and hopefully for other people to learn and thinking and have self-reflection about why and how they are doing things. It’s one of the most underrated tools that people have at their disposal.

There is an undeniable tie between your ability to look in the mirror and examine why you accept certain things as truth and why you disagree on topics and your own self-awareness.  I truly believe that people are more accepting of truths and ideas of other people and will adopt those as their own and will have never sat down and gotten introspective as to why they actually believe.

A great example from my personal life is the reaction I get from people when they hear the kinds of food I eat or that I feed to my son. Most people have taken a blind acceptance to the non-sense that is fed to them by big businesses and in many cases this blind acceptance turns right into a form of addiction. Take moments to understand yourself and that will help you truly understand what you believe in.

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