Day 2 – Use Your Ego as an Indicator for Learning Opportunites

Everyone feels jealousy at some point in your life, especially in the current state of information consumption. Because most people only highlight or share the good things that are happening in their lives on a day to day basis we are inundated with the consumption of other people’s highlight tape of their life.

This can also cause us to start to feel the onset of jealousy creep up the back of our necks and start to make statements like “why not me” or “so and so doesn’t deserve what they are getting.” When you start to feel that negativity growing inside you take a minute and flip the way you look at it. Instead of trying to knock the other person down, try asking “what can I learn from this person?”

Take a look at the positive steps they’ve taken to garner success and learn from the road map they’ve laid out for all of us.

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