Daily Archives: February 27, 2016

What’s Your Default Mode?

“Everyone has a plan until this get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson

Do you know your default mode? It’s a simple question that everyone should take time to figure out. You’re default mode is going to be the thing that switches on in times of chaos. When things fail to go according to plan your body and mind are going to switch to whatever settings you have turned on in your system.

The concept of default aggressive in one I’ve heard spoken about in everything from sports to military combat. I personally have experienced during my playing career at Michigan State. Coach Mike Garland was always on me to do things aggressively. Every step needed to be aggressive, every cut needed to be aggressive, every defensive slide, every rebound, every time I dove after a loose ball, it needed to be aggressive.

My default mode is aggressive.

When you know your default mode and make the switch from passive to aggressive. You will have less worry about what would happen if a plan fails. You gain confidence that when you do take a punch to the face, you’ll be ready to handle whatever happens next…..aggressively.

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