The benefits of finding 10 minutes for yourself

“I don’t have enough time….”

This is a common phrase we hear from people when they are trying to qualify why they can’t do something. What I want to do is give you something that if you find the time to do can have a permanent effect on you and your life.

Mindfulness has proven to have tangible health benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. It is a purposeful practice of focus all your attention on the present moment and keying into accepting the present situations. Far too often we are caught checking an email, while watching tv, while trying to pay attention to our kids, while (insert activity here).

What I’m asking you to do is invest 10 minutes in yourself, just 10 minutes! Take 5 in the morning and 5 at night.

Use those five minutes in the morning to breathe and appreciate the here and now, use the five minutes at night to appreciate the good things that you experienced during that day. If you think you might have issues with doing it or focusing on the good things that happened, invest in a journal that will prompt you to fill in answers on gratitude, appreciation and introspection on the day. I use the five minute journal.

People are spending less time actually paying attention to the current moment. Most people don’t realize they can manufacture more time for a new practice if they just quit wasting it doing something else.

As my good friend Kurt Richardson said many years ago

“There” is not better than “here”.

When your “there” has become a “here”, you will likely look for another “there” that will again look better than “here”.

So be happy “here”.

2 responses to “The benefits of finding 10 minutes for yourself

  • Eric

    When people say “I don’t have enough time….” they often mean “It’s not important to me…” You can make the time if it’s important to you.

    Mindfulness helps with many things in life including reduction of anxiety and depression. There are many good apps out there that can lead you through a meditation.

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