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Find, Hit and Go Get It. A Recipe for Rebounding or Goal Achievement

Find, hit and go get it…..seems like simple enough instructions but not always executed to perfection.

What I’m giving you are the simplified instructions for teaching rebounding on the defensive end of the basketball court. You’re first objective is to find the man you are guarding. Secondly, after you find him/her you have to go and make contact with them and finally you finish with going and getting the rebound.

The same principles can be used to describe steps you can take for reaching new goals. Once you identify what you’re trying to achieve you will find out the path you need to take to get to the end goal. That end goal is going too obstructed by various barriers along the way. Go and find the problems and pain points that you are going to run into on your path. Go after those problems and create contact with them. There are two types of people in this world, seekers and avoiders. You’re either seeking out the contact or you’re taking whatever steps you can to avoid it. The last step is the name of the game in rebounding. Go and get the ball or in your cause your goals.

Rebounding is predicated on effort, you have to show the willingness to lay your body on the line for grabbing the ball as it comes off the rim. Most of the time there is no easy way of doing it and in a lot of cases it’s going to require some sort of fight.

If you’re looking for an easy way to achieve your goals you’re going to spend a long time watching other people achieve theirs. In basketball terms the only easy rebound is the one that’s already gone through the net. Get out there, make contact and get after it!

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