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It’s more about what is said and less about how it’s delivered

At some points it can feel like a helpless feeling, you’re sitting there after making a mistake and you have a coach in your ear chewing you out. If you’ve seen a Michigan State game than you you’ve seen the various shades of red that Coach Izzo gets during the game and the buckets of emotion pouring out of him as he talks to a player. Those situations can seem extremely hard to understand the feedback you are receiving and can put you in an environment of taking things personally.

I was lucky that I played for a coach in high school who had a similar style of delivering feedback to players, especially me. I seem to find myself on the opposite end of his yelling and in some cases I wasn’t even on the court making the mistakes that were upsetting him.

While I had a hard time initially understanding why I had the bare the brunt of his “anger” I learned one of the most valuable lessons when it comes to coach/player interaction. You can’t let the method of delivery cloud your ability to understand the message.

I can honestly say that I’ve ever had a coach that wanted me to fail. They have all wanted me to be the best person and player I could be. I can also honestly say that I’ve had struggles with being yelled at and getting to caught up in focusing on the way things are being said to me instead of the actually teaching point being relayed.

Understanding that everyone delivers feedback and coaching in different ways. But at the end of the day you have to remember that the message is the message. The information doesn’t change the way it’s said does. Find the important info and forget about how it’s told to you.

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