Daily Archives: March 9, 2016

Leaders delegate authority while still dictating direction

If you want to create workers delegate work, if you want create leaders delegate authority. I’ve watched this statement work first had between coaches and players when it came to basketball. But it also holds true for any boss/employees situation.

In our MSU system assistant coaches are given ownership over a specific area of the game. Everything from guard play, big man play, defensive scout, offensive scout and so on. Everyone is given the authority to oversee the day to day operations of how each of those is functioning. The same holds true for players on the team, some players are given a certain level of authority to speak on behalf of the team and provide a true pulse of how players are feeling.

The best example of this is the night before the national championship game, Mateen Cleaves went to coach Izzo and told him that the team was ready to go and they didn’t need to go through another walk through. The pulse that was relayed was ultimately correct and they team came out, took care of business and cut down the nets.

A true leader wants their assistants/teammates to feel confidence to own a part of the program and ultimately have enough confidence in themselves to take action. That confidence will come from giving away your authority and not just handing them work.

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