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Can you make yourself not quit?

Can you make yourself quit? Actually the better question is can you make yourself stop from quitting? The act of quitting is one of the easiest things you can do on a daily basis. It’s easy to justify why you quit in your own mind and to other people. You can always find several external factors that you can point to and pass of the blame. The hard road to take is when your body and your mind are telling you to stop and you know that by stopping all of the exhaustion will end and thing will become comfortable again.

We used to run a treadmill conditioning test to determine what our V02 max output. This was a test that we ran every pre and post season. The test was broken up into 3 minute running segments with 60 or 90 seconds (I can’t remember exactly) in between for a blood sample to be drawn and for you to mentally think about how much it sucked! Each time you progressed to a new segment the treadmill would get faster or the incline would increase. While you were running you also had your nasal passage restricted with a clamp so you could only breathe through your mouth and you had a mouthpiece with a tube attached to it in your mouth.

Needless to say all factors added together and it puts you in a constant state of being uncomfortable and wanting it all to end. They make it so it’s so easy to quit that all you have to do is grab a bar directly in front of you. That’s it just grab the bar and everything goes back to normal.

The internal struggle starts around the third stage, every year I ran it the doctors administering the test would say that “the third stage will wake you up a little bit.” And without fail it always did. That third stage is the precursor negative thought central for the next couple stages and you have a fight with yourself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

You are going to be put into some situations that your mind and your body want to stop immediately. Where every cell you have is screaming for you to grab the bar and return to that comfortable place. When that happens and you’re not sure if you can continue on that’s when you have to override your brain and go for 1 more second.

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