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Win the morning….my beat your alarm clock story

A lot of people have shared anecdotes and stories about starting their morning with a small victory. One of my favorites is Navy Seal Admiral Bill McRaven speaking at the University of Texas Commencement and sharing the concept of making your bed every morning. So after receiving a text from one of my old teammates Andy Harvey, I thought I should share my best story of starting your day with a victory.

The entire team sat in a huddle at the 50 yard line on the indoor practice facility. Our normal workouts were overseen and structured by Mike Vorkapich. But this workout was being facilitated by the legend known as Ken Mannie. Everyone who has come through MSU athletics has a Ken Mannie story and they are all true. My initial interaction with him was him yelling at me for scratching my head as I came walking into the weight room.

Coach Mannie is the picture of intensity when it comes to handling your business in the weight room. He expects a certain amount of effort to be given during each session and never settles or lowers his standards. Regardless of how hard he is on someone, every person will say that they have a tremendous about of love and respect for what he did for them.

So back to the story, as we’re sitting around coach Mannie following another grueling session with him he started to lecture us, he’s starting to tell us how he does everything with energy and he starts each of his days the same way. Our workouts during this point of the off season were happening 4 days a week at 6am.

At this point his in a full on intense speech, it’s full of passion and emotions. He’s in a full athletic stance and he’s using his hands to add emphasis to everything he’s talking about. The story is starting to wind and he’s yelling at us about his alarm clock and how his alarm clock is his enemy every morning. His goal every morning was to beat his alarm clock to start the day with a victory and everyday he wakes up 1 minute before his alarm is supposed to go off. Once he wakes up he jumps out of bed, waits for his alarm to go off and slams his hand down on it and yells “I beat you mother@$#%&”

That’s my winning the morning story, it’s something I think about all the time and it gives me a good laugh. But more importantly it taught me to start the day with a win.

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