Your cynical response….sucks

“Just living the dream” or “Just another day in paradise”

These are starting to become standard answers when you ask people how they are doing around the work place.   There seems to be an overall unhappiness about what a day of work looks like and I’m not sure if it’s centered around the actually work that has to be done, the other people you deal with or general unhappiness.

The thing that strikes me the most is that people seem generally resigned to being in a situation where they are unhappy when the opportunities for finding something you enjoy are out there. I get it that change is a scary thing but so is living an unhappy life that you dread.

The projection of cynicism is an epidemic. It acts as a snowball of negativity and soon than later it’s gathered momentum and becomes impossible to stop.

I’ve never seen an expiration date on change.

You always have the option of finding something that you’re truly excited about it.

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