Daily Archives: March 22, 2016

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap

If you’ve watched some of the NCAA tournament you get understanding that sometimes you are going to lose even when you’ve done everything exactly how you game planned for it. You’ll be a situation where (to use basketball terms) good offense beats good defense.

The Wisconsin vs Xavier game was a perfect example of it. The kid from Wisconsin hits a fall away three pointer at the buzzer for the win. It’s a ridiculously hard shot to make when you’re alone practice, let alone doing when you have a defender in your face, 20,000 people watching and the fate of your season riding on it.

But it happens and all you can do is tip your cap.

Tipping your cap doesn’t that you’re not pissed off or hurt by the loss, it’s not a way of downplaying the emotions that come along with being on the short end of the stick. Tipping your cap isn’t a concession, it’s the most respectful way to say you got me today but I’ll be back.

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