Options and Opportunties

Options and opportunities

Two of my favorite words.

I love the process of looking and creating more options and opportunities for myself and for other people. The part that trips most people up is that once you do uncover options and opportunities they come with a lot of work and sacrifice. Nothing great is going to come easy or without having to make extremely tough decisions.

Biz Stone, co-founder of twitter says you have to architect the circumstances for opportunities and that requires your ability to take risk, audit your circle of influence, constantly evolve your ideas and communicate more than you think.

“Some people think of opportunity the way it’s defined in the dictionary—as a set of circumstances that make something possible—and they talk about it as if it just arrives organically. You ‘spot opportunity’ or wait around for ‘opportunity to knock.’ I look at it differently. I believe that you have to be the architect of the circumstances—that opportunity is something you manufacture, not something you wait for.”

The creation of opportunities comes from you putting yourself in the right situations with the right people. I like to refer to something I call the dumbest guy in the room concept. If you’re consistently in rooms with people smarter than you then you’re going to always be learning and having conversations that can make you better and open doors.

“To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities” – Bruce Lee


source -http://99u.com/workbook/42481/the-best-opportunities-are-the-ones-you-create-for-yourself




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