An Inch or a Yard – Doesn’t Matter Just Move the Ball Forward

That’s it; I’ve reached the finish line.

Today marks day and post number 30 for my 30 blog post in 30 days challenge I levied against myself last month and the process taught me so much but if I had to choose the most important thing I learned over the last month, it was an increase of self-awareness.

I began to dig deeper into conversation or things I’ve read and reflect on how certain topics have been a part of my life. I started to see that there are learning experiences baked into our everyday lives and it’s our job to look for and apply them to our day to day existence.

Writing everyday also helped me refocus my discipline; I knew I had to write something every day for myself. That discipline created a freedom for me for how I’m using my time and allowed me to trim away nonessential behavior more easily.

Overall, it’s been awesome and I suggest that everyone try something like this. Try to challenge yourself to do something every day for a month. Do it for yourself and no one else. Find the motivation within and stop relying on external factors to be your driving force. At the end of the day you’re in charge of moving yourself forward. It doesn’t matter if you move the ball forward an inch or a yard, it only matters that it’s moving forward.

“Some quit due to slow progress. Never grasping that slow progress ……is progress.”

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