Leap of Faith

Today I decided that I’m leaving Michigan State University for the first time in 16 years. I’ve spent the past 16 years walking around this campus in some capacity and today the decision was made that it was time for me to try something else. I’ve accepted the Associate Director position at Skypoint Ventures.

I’m excited and terrified all rolled into one.

Michigan State University has played an integral role in my development personally and professionally. I’ve often told people that all great opportunities that I’ve had in my life have come from a Spartan in some form or another. But I’ve decided to leave that comfortable feeling of East Lansing and pursue an unknown path.

Let me be clear in saying that this decision was not made based on something MSU didn’t do. This decision came about from all the things that MSU DID do for.

Never have I been around an environment that has challenged me to innovate and grow. Encouraged me to ask questions and look for a better way or taken me out of my comfortable zone by pushing my toes to the edge.

I’m grateful for the people I’ve worked with at MSU; they’ve all taught me so much along the way. This is an exciting time for me and my family and a great start to a new chapter of life

2 responses to “Leap of Faith

  • David Sparty Brown

    Tim – congratulations on the new job! It’s always difficult to make a big change like this and leave your “comfort zone”. MSU will always be a part of you, just as you will always be part of Michigan State. I look forward to hearing great things about you in the future! -Dave Sparty Brown

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