Speaking Engagements


Tim is known for his extreme work ethic and hustle on the basketball court and can offer insight into the world of collegiate athletics and how the lessons he has learned during his time competing in college and professional athletics can transfer into the world of business.  Contact Tim today to come and speak to your group bograko2@msu.edu or twitter.com/timbograkos.

Topics covered

Understanding and embracing opportunity

Cultivating a walk-on mindset




3 responses to “Speaking Engagements

  • Marc Jones

    Any chance you could be at the Bres tonite @ 9PM – we’re planning a rally to show Coach Izzo the love and keep him where he belongs!!

  • Justin Christian

    Hey Tim,

    I am on the board of directors for the MSU club of Boston. I graduated from MSU in 2003 and have been living in Boston since 2004. I have been involved with our local club in Boston since 2008 and we have seen an increase in participation from alumni in the area. Although we have experienced an influx of interest from alumni in the area, we still have a long ways to go in terms of alumni relations in the area. We organize a lot of activities for our football and basketball game watches and now have a regular following for those events. We are seeking to expand interest to our alumni in the area who would be interested in other non-sporting activities. We have a scholarship fund that we are slowly building but also have a ways to go there as well. Do you have any ideas of how to go about increasing funding for our scholarship fund? Also, do you ever come out to Boston? If so, we would love to host you at one of our events! Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself. I was a big fan of you during your playing days for our basketball team! Thanks for your time!!!!


    Justin Christian

    PS Our group is on Twitter (BostonSpartans) as that was me who tweeted earlier in case you were wondering.

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